The Out Reach Programme

JudoKnightLogoBA three year partnership between JUDOKNIGHT and Whitehaven Judo Club providing teaching of Judo (including judogis - handed back at the end of the lesson) free of charge to local schools and colleges. From September 2013 to August 2016, the following schools have benefitted from this programme, including evaluation feeback from teachers:

Beckermet CE Primary - 'Good exercise, builds confidence, good for children who don't like team sports.'

Bransty Primary

Bookwell Primary

Ennerdale and Kinniside CE Primary - 'Excellent all round PE option. Chance to rumble in a controlled way. Good for core strength. Helps to bring shy students into a group activity. Good for all round confidence.'

Gosforth Primary - 'Children now understand the danger of trying something new without proper care and equipment.'

Hensingham Primary - 'The children are always active throughout the whole sesion, good emphasis on discipline and focus.'

Jericho - 'Fun and engaging for all children. It has been good to do something different that isn't normally part of our PE provision.'

Lakes College West Cumbria

Lamplugh Primary - 'They like the chance to try something different.'

Lowca Community - 'Good exercise encourages skill and agility, fosters physical and emotional control.'

Monkwray Junior - 'It's been great to see children who are less confident in PE shine during these sessions, especially the girls. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions.'

Orgill Primary - 'Experience of something they wouldn't usually do: the discipline and working closely with a partner.'

Seascale Primary - 'It taught the children technical moves and vocabulary. The exercise quality was very good - it was obvious the majority of children increased their heartrate and breathing for prolonged periods. The discipline was good for them.'

St Bees Prep - 'Children enjoyed the very different experience.'

St Bees Village - 'It gives the children other skills they don't encounter in our usual PE activities.'

St Begh's Primary

St Benedicts

St Bridget's Primary, Egremont - 'Judo is a good P.E. option because it's different from their usual experiences of P.E.'

St James' CE Junior - 'A positive experience. We look forward to you returning.'

Thornhill Primary - 'Children who don't shine in other sports, eg. football, have done well and achieved, raising their confidence.'

Valley Primary

West Cumbria Learning Centre

West Lakes Academy - 'They are having lots of fun being physically active and learning new skills, too.'